Cozy and Comforting : Warm Winter Soups – Pho

About halfway into a bowl of perfectly spiced pho, my tastebuds start to cry “make this every day. it is perfect.” If you crave this savory, balanced soup of protein, vegetables, and love, read on — you may save yourself a lot on take-out this year!

This image shows traditional pho, with beef and beef broth. The recipe I have linked to is more appropriate for every eater, as it is a vegetarian version of a traditional beef pho. Feel free to stick with beef — just choose grass-fed! [ Stay tuned for other posts on making your own chicken bone broth — not too different for beef stock. ]

As you develop the perfect balanced soup for your palette, here are some ways you can play with this basic *vegetarian* pho recipe:


Cloves are part of the stock’s flavor, and boast some of the highest antioxidant levels of any food or spice.


… Don’t skimp on the carrots and ginger — let their sweet flavors and the immune-boost of the ginger help carry you through the season.


Some adaptations for your highest health and enjoyment:


… Add a fresh jalapeno, or part of one, to spice up your pho.

… Experiment with different noodles if your digestion is sensitive. Gluten-Free noodle options include Bean Thread Vermicelli, Rice Noodles, and Soba (check label as soba noodles may be made with wheat)

… Add a pinch of bonito flakes or fish sauce to create a more savory seafood flavor.

… Add shredded greens to your soup for more fiber and to increase yoru electrolyte intake — mmmmminerals!


Feeling Pho-tastic? Share your souper stories below.

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