Cozy and Comforting : Warm Winter Soups — Potato Leek 3 Ways

Need some soothing options for a grey February?

Today’s Soup is the essence of comfort food – Potato Leek Soup!


Potatoes can help support serotonin (and to a lesser extent, dopamine) production. Low serotonin is the essence of seasonal affective disorder. Potatoes are full of vitamin B6, which helps us reduce stuffiness, is associated with reduced risk of depression and chronic inflammation, and helps to support female hormone balance — so with tryptophan that can be used to make serotonin and the B6 support to convert it into serotonin, these little spuds pack a powerful mood-boosting punch! Potatoes also contain a good dose of potassium, which lowers blood pressure and compliments potassium-poor leeks.


Add to your potatoes the sulfur-rich support from leeks to (again) reduce stuffiness, boost your immune system, reduce cancer risk by supporting liver detoxification, and support joint health, and you have a great combination for the winter blues and seasonal illness that often is found in February.

Moreover, the sticky fiber in potatoes compliments the roughage fiber in leeks with some water from the soup. The result? Perfect pooping.

1. Try a traditional, french-style with heavy cream — my favorite is Julia Child’s recipe.

2. For those of us avoiding dairy — one great reason to do so is to cut back on mucus production — here is a delicious alternative recipe from Deborah Madison’s Kitchen. I’ve made this a few times without the gnocchi and love it. The gnocchi is in the bottom recipe.


3. And finally, for those of us on a lower-carb diet, trade the potatoes for a lesser quantity of beans and increase the sulphur content with delicious asparagus!

What is your favorite comfort-soup? Please share!

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